This is the 6th album by the brilliant Polish ensemble Sing Sing PenelopeFind albums by this artist, formed and led by drummer Rafal Gorzycki, which includes also trumpeter Wojciech Jachna, saxophonists Aleksander Kaminski (new member) and Tomasz Glazik, keyboardist Daniel Mackiewicz and bassist Patryk Weclawek. Two guest artists, who played on the ensemble´s previous recordings, are also present here: violinist Sebastian Gruchot and DJ Strangefruit from Norway on live electronics. It seems that SSP (as they are known in this age of shortcuts) can do no wrong and this album is every bit as grand as everything else they attempted previously, which after six albums and ten years amounts both to a substantial body of music as much as their impeccable reputation. The music, contributed collectively or individually by all participants, is as usual a completely original mix of styles and sub-genres, disregarding boundaries and freely moving from one territory to another. Atmospheric / ambient electronic sounds over strong, pulsating rhythmic patterns and Jazz solos on top seems to be shortest way to describe this music, although it manages to escape any simple depiction, which of course means there is interesting stuff happening here. In many respects this album sums up the decade of the ensemble´s existence, covering everything from their Jazz-Rock efforts, through the Free Jazz improvisations and recent ambient vistas. In retrospect SSP emerge as perhaps the most interesting phenomenon of the first decade of the 21st Century on the Polish scene, being the most consistent, searching and completely disregarding fads group of young musicians around. An absolute must to any serious Jazz listener, wishing to reach beyond the obvious!