Press 2006 Summary (01.2007) Gazeta Wyborcza, Playboy, Onet: (01.2007)

Playboy: (12.2006)In Rafal Ksiezyk`s opinion new Rafal Gorzycki`s "Sing Sing Penelope" album, next to Marcin Masecki`s and Contemporary Noise Quintet`s, are the most important premieres of polish jazz in 2006

Onet: (28.12.2006) In the Ranking for the best polish album of 2006, Sing Sing Penelope album "Music for Umbrellas" was nominated to the best album, next to Tomasz Stanko`s "Lontano"

Gazeta Wyborcza: (Bydgoszcz; 5.01.2007) Among the biggest artistic successes of 2006 "GW" classified Rafal Gorzycki`s work with his "Ecstasy Project" and "Sing Sing Penelope" , next to Rafal Blechacz ( winner of Chopin`s Competition in 2005), or Maciej Cuske with Marcinem Sauterem (documentary films) as the most spectacular in recent year